Friday, October 12, 2007

Vogue Dolls: Tips on Identifying Toddles, Early and Later Vogue Dolls

The Toddles dolls are considered to be in the same classification as Vogue’s Ginny, 8” Toddler Dolls. They are also referred to as the “pre-Ginny, “compo Ginny,” or #1 Ginny. The actual term “Ginny” was not used during the years the Toddles doll was produced, which was 1937 to 1948. The name “Toddles” was never transferred to the newer Vogue dolls either.
The majority of Toddles dolls were dressed like little girls. The Toddles collection included theme dolls that depicted nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters, as well as some ethnically costumed, and boy/girl pairs. Some of the Toddles dolls have real names like Debby, Pinkie and Julie. Others are referred to according to their outfits like “Ice Skater,” and “Preacher.” The Toddles collection had molded hair under mohair wigs. They are jointed at the neck, arms and legs, and their facial features are painted on, having painted eyes that seem to look to the right. Color of Toddles dolls eyes are usually blue, however, some the ethnic themed dolls especially had brown eyes. Read on at

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