Friday, October 12, 2007

Vogue Dolls: The Ginny Baby and Littlest Angel

In the years of 1960 through 1980 the Vogue Doll Company produced a baby doll called “Ginny Baby.”
I especially like the Vogue Ginny Baby dolls. I have several of them in my Vogue collection (pictures available on the site). Two of my collection were produced in the year of 1965 and are called The Vogue Ginny Baby Doll. Each has their original outfits of which are different. Both wear little hats. They are not the drink/wet or the dry/nurser versions.
The Vogue Doll Company also produced the Ginny Baby doll throughout these years that were drink/wet dolls and some were dry/nurser (produced in 1962 and 1963). I do have one example pictured on the site of a drink/wet Ginny Baby in her original, red and tagged outfit. Read on at:

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